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Gabriel-ColeYoung Member

YMCA Swansea’s GoodVibes group has helped me gain the confidence to be myself and come out as transgender. I’ve had the opportunity to be active in LGBT rights and discovered that I want a career helping others.

Gabriel Cole



Mitchell-PalmerYoung Member

Since joining the YMCA I have had endless support from the youth workers in both aspects of job searching and returning to further education. They’ve also helped me to believe in my abilities, for this I’m extremely grateful.

Mitchell Palmer



LindaFitness Centre Member

I would also like to say thank you for the boundless energy and enthusiasm, you make me feel capable of doing anything, I’ve learnt so much from you in the last six months that I would never have done without you.

Linda Lewis



Fitness Centre Member

I had zero motivation to work-out but friends recommended I try the YMCA Fitness Centre – it’s warmth and welcome is a real culture change! The staff are brilliant. I’m loving working out and getting fit again.

Uzo Iwobi



Photo-for-TestimonialsFormer Volutneer & Member of Staff

Volunteering for YMCA Swansea has been one of the most positive, rewarding things I’ve ever done. I feel privileged to be part of a team doing great things for causes I feel passionately about. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Kit Barry

Tom-SkeltonFitness Centre Instructor

I joined the gym as a member and later went onto achieving my fitness qualification with YMCAFit. I volunteered in the fitness centre and later gained employment with YMCA Swansea, as a fitness instructor.

Tom Skelton 

Josh Lewis VolunteerSenior Volunteer

YMCA Swansea has enabled me to volunteer overseas in Togo with Y Care International and ICS and also take part in a Global Climate Change conference in Paris. I’m really grateful for these life changing opportunities.

Josh Lewis

Denise-FrancaisFitness Centre Member

Thank you for your support and encouragement over the last six months that I’ve been attending your health and fitness classes. You’ve been so kind and considerate too and very respectful.

Denise Francis


Young Member

YMCA is always available no matter your age, gender, disability, or background. You’re always welcomed. I’ve met some great people and have made some friends for life.

Alisha Cooper


Young Member

Often the first thing I do when I come to the YMCA is kick off my shoes. I can walk around barefoot for hours, it’s the most natural thing. It feels like home.

Kaylee Hook

Michael-DerrickYoung Member

Joining the YMCA has helped me to find myself and helped with my sexuality. I am now more confident and happier with the person I am. The Youth Team are amazing and have supported me with every problem I’ve had.

Michael Derrick

Scott-RentonYoung Member

My first time in the YMCA, potential was surprising, now I dream to be a star rising.

Tearing up the mic I feel home, and gives me purpose, bringing all my talent to the surface.

Scott Renton


Jazz-SaundersYoung Member

The YMCA has become such a huge part of my life. I love coming to help out and everyone is so welcoming. The opportunities I’ve had so far have been incredible. The YMCA has so much to offer.

Jazz Saunders



Tony-HumphriesYoung Member

Joining the YMCA has given me a place to be comfortable, accepted and happy. Being at the YMCA has taught me to have fun and have no worries. The YMCA taught me Hakuna Matata.

Tony Humphries

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