African Community Centre


The African Community Centre (ACC) was founded by Mrs. Uzo Iwobi in 2003.The proposal for the centre was based on a survey of Africans living across Wales, which revealed that Africans living in the area would welcome a centre where they would be able to meet socially and participate in promoting African culture in the community.

Since then, with the support of many organisations and a lot of hard work, the organisation has gone from strength to strength,becoming a company limited by guarantee, achieving charity status in 2008 (Charity no: 1124327) and catering to over 700 people across Wales.

The African Community Centre (ACC) is operated by the African/African Community in partnership with indigenous Welsh people throughout Wales.

ACC currently has its main office based in Swansea.

ACC provides a drop in Centre for all people to participate in the African/African Caribbean cultures as well as supporting their community members to integrate and participate in their local Welsh Heritage projects.

We provide training in multicultural awareness, ethnic arts and culture, heritage projects, African dancing, drumming and school visitations.

We provide arts and crafts as well as support for new comers into Swansea. We have well established men, women, children and young peoples forums. We also have a football team, as well as male and female basket ball groups. Come and interact with with your African Community.

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