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YMCAs in Wales

YMCA Swansea is an independently constituted charitable organisation, however it operates as part of a wider Federation in Wales, Great Britain and Internationally.

  • 19 YMCAs serve nearly 130 communities across Wales
  • YMCAs in Wales provide safe, supported accommodation for almost 1,000 people every year
  • YMCAs in Wales help 10,000 people engage in training and education every year
  • YMCAs in Wales help over 11,000 young people and adults get active every year
  • YMCAs in Wales support 7,000 children and young people at our out of school and holiday clubs every year
  • YMCAs in Wales have 11,000 young people in Wales regularly participating in our youth engagement work

YMCAs in Wales and England are affiliated to the National Council of YMCAs

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