Welsh Manifesto

YMCAs in Wales Manifesto

The Manifesto brings together the needs of those supported by Welsh YMCAs across a range of policy areas namely accommodation, training and education, health and wellbeing, family work and democracy and engagement

Major recommendations within the report include:

  • Developing a national non-formal ‘Skills for Life’ curriculum to sit alongside the formal school academic curriculum
  • Introducing a national ‘Teen Nights’ initiative, which allows young people to access local sports and leisure centres for free or at a significantly subsidised rate every Friday or Saturday night.
  • Reforming mental health services away from a medical and clinic-based model by encouraging more community and outreach delivery of services.
  • Developing new and alternative models of affordable housing like YMCA’s Y:Cube scheme.
  • Protecting funding for ‘Supporting People’ programme in Wales

Anne-Marie Rogan, Chief Executive of YMCA Swansea, said: “This Manifesto is our ‘voice’ for Wales, providing a path for vulnerable and unheard young people and communities to inform policy makers of what matters most.

“Within our Manifesto are major recommendations that we believe will go into making a better Wales for the people we support. These recommendations span our major support areas and accurately reflect the needs we identified within communities across the country.

“YMCA understands the complex and challenging political and economic times in which we live and we have created a range of solutions that would make tangible differences to people with this context in mind.

“We are now calling on policy makers to implement these recommendations to ensure those who are most vulnerable and most in need are adequately supported to contribute and thrive all over Wales.”

YMCA in Wales Manifesto

Read the summarised recommendations in the YMCAs in Wales Minifesto

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