Change Agents

What is the Change Agent Programme?

Youth Empowerment is the collective identity of the YMCA Movement around the World. As part of the World YMCA Strategy, 220 change agents have been recruited and trained at the highest level of the organisation during the period 2012-14. They are leaders at their respective YMCAs and local communities. Based on the success of this youth leadership development initiative the strategic plan 2014-18 of the World YMCA proposed to make further investment in young people by recruiting and training a new generation of Change Agents.

YMCA Swansea is proud to be a part of the World Alliance Change Agent Programme.

Plan for 2014 to 2018
– Recruiting 600 Change Agents from YMCAs around the world by the Area and National Movements as Change Agents.
– Empowering Change Agents with  a wide range of leadership Training  opportunities at Area and World Levels that  enables them “to be the change, share the vision and inspire action”
– Connecting  Change Agents across the world  to create collective impact of  the YMCA Movement

Ashleigh Cullen & Carlie Scott Change Agents

“We are going on the trip of a lifetime to learn to be YMCA Change Agents: international voices for young people all over the globe, to raise opportunity, fight for rights, and help to create a freer and fairer future for all.

It is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to travel, but to have the chance to help make real positive change in our global, national and local community, and for future generations of young people.”

YMCA Swansea Change Agents Asheligh Cullen & Carlie Scott

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