Gillian Webber PhotoGillian Webber  – YMCA Swansea Chair of the Board

I joined YMCA Swansea as a trustee in early 2009 because I wanted to use my expertise to help return YMCA Swansea to its former glory and benefit local young people and families.

I have a Masters Degree in Community Regeneration and have been a senior manager for over 35 years, having worked in industry, the NHS, private business and third sector. I am currently Chief Executive Officer of Canolfan Maerdy, a community resource centre serving communities in the Upper Amman and Twrch Valleys.

“I volunteer as a Trustee because I find it deeply personally rewarding to use my experience, skills and knowledge to help people who are less fortunate than I to improve and enjoy their lives.  YMCA Swansea is an organisation with an excellent reputation for partnership working, great leadership, amazing positivity and resilience I consider it a privilege to be one of its Trustees.”

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phil-tresederPhil Treseder – YMCA Swansea Deputy Chair of the Board

I joined YMCA Swansea as a trustee back in late 2006 or early 2007. I had recently returned to Swansea following a second BA in Leicester and a change in career towards heritage. I was looking for a few voluntary positions to keep in touch with my previous work in youth work and children’s rights. It took one look around the building and seeing the potential I spend the next 3 years as Chair and have been a trustee ever since. I am currently the Vice Chair.

“Following a shift in career from children’s rights and youth work, I felt that I should divert some energy into being a trustee of a few related charities.  I have now been a trustee of YMCA Swansea for approximately 10 years.  The work undertaken by the staff and volunteers at YMCA Swansea is first class and continues to inspire me.”

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maggie-northamMaggie Northam – YMCA Swansea Board Member

I joined YMCA Swansea as a trustee in April 2015. I had got to know the Chief Executive, Anne-Marie Rogan and the Board Chairman, Gillian Webber, through a Leadership Development Programme at Swansea University. The enthusiasm, determination and commitment that both demonstrated towards driving the success of YMCA Swansea inspired me to accept their offer to join the Board and support this incredible organisation.

“YMCA Swansea leads the way in giving young people a safe and supportive place to feel a sense of belonging, to thrive and be alive! It is an honour to be able to support the staff and volunteers – I learn a lot from them.”


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sarah-owensSarah Owens – YMCA Swansea Board Member


Debbie Lane – YMCA Swansea Board Member

“I first got involved with YMCA Swansea working on an LGBT Youth Project. I saw first-hand people arrive homeless & suicidal, believing nobody wanted them and that there was no place in life for them to be of any value. It was a no-brainer for me to want to  become a Trustee and be part of YMCAs lifesaving, life changing work.”

debbie-bussDebbie Buss – YMCA Swansea Board Member

” I volunteer as a trustee for the YMCA as I love how each and every person whether they are a volunteer , youth worker or management give their time and generosity to help others . As a trustee I use my voice and inspire others to find theirs . “

david-madgeDavid Madge – YMCA Swansea Board Member

“I think it is important to get involved with what is happening in the community. I hope I have skills that I can use to help Swansea YMCA which I feel plays an essential role in supporting young people in the city.I would like to think that I am helping to contribute to the organisations development and future in a small way”.

taylor-robertsTaylor Roberts – YMCA Swansea Board Member

debowale-omoleDebowale Omole – YMCA Swansea Board Member

“I volunteer as a YMCA trustee because I am able to relate with the humanitarian cause of their social aims. I like to have positive interactions with diverse people, interactions that reveal people can and will blossom with the right support.”


Vicki Rees – YMCA Swansea Board Member

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